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Commercial real estate is complicated  and a good broker will help you navigate and position your requirement in the marketplace. You are not obligated to a pay a fee (the broker’s fee is paid by the landlord) and you are not going to get a better deal on your own much less find the best location for your company. There are numerous reasons why a tenant should use a Tenant Representative. The landlord has a vested interest in obtaining the highest rental rate and best outcome for himself as possible regardless if you have a broker or not.  Without using a broker tenants are forced into working with the landlord or the landlord’s agent to coordinate the lease. These people have far more experience negotiating lease transactions than most tenants and since you need representation one way or another, you may as well have your own advocate.  They can also help you avoid unscrupulous people and buildings with known issues.



Tenant Representation – Due Diligence, Lease review, cost of occupancy, rental comps, available spaces

Landlord –leasing, hold-sell analysis, customized marketing strategies for each property.

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Available Medical Office Space

Available Retail Store Front for Lease 

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